This page is a compilation of the books mentioned on episodes of the podcast.

This is the first experiment on something to help support the podcast. I am trying out the Amazon affiliate program to see if it might be a way for listeners to help support the show.

Even if the Amazon experiment doesn’t pan out, I still plan on keeping a listing of books mentioned on the show and will be playing with the way the books are listed.


Software related books

Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs – 2nd Edition (MIT Electrical Engineering and Computer Science)
Domain-Driven Design: Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software
The Joy of Clojure
Functional JavaScript: Introducing Functional Programming with Underscore.js
History of Programming Languages, Volume 2
A Programming Language
Building Web Applications with Erlang: Working with REST and Web Sockets on Yaws
Introducing Erlang: Getting Started in Functional Programming
Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software
The Implementation of Functional Programming Languages (Prentice-Hall International Series in Computer Science)
Erlang and OTP in Action
The Art of Prolog: Advanced Programming Techniques (Mit Press Series in Logic Programming)
Prolog Programming for Artificial Intelligence
Mastering Clojure Macros: Write Cleaner, Faster, Smarter Code
Programming HTML5 Applications
Learn You Some Erlang for Great Good!: A Beginner’s Guide
Learn You a Haskell for Great Good!: A Beginner’s Guide
Haskell: The Craft of Functional Programming (3rd Edition) (International Computer Science Series)
On Lisp: Advanced Techniques for Common Lisp
Let Over Lambda
Concepts, Techniques, and Models of Computer Programming
Akka Concurrency
The Reasoned Schemer
Real World Haskell

Other book recommendations

Infinite Jest
House of Leaves

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