Functional Geekery Episode 139 – Laura M. Castro

In this episode I talk with Laura M. Castro. We talk her introduction to Erlang, Final Project and Ph.D. around Erlang, Research and Teaching using Erlang and Elixir, the Erlang Ecosystem Foundation, Code Beam Lite, Erlang Workshops and more.

Our Guest, Laura M. Castro.

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Topics [@2:51]

About Laura
Universidade da Coruña
Erlang during University
OCaml being completely different, even in second year of University
Contact with computers as typewriters
Studying Computer Engineering as good profession career track
Course on Functional Programming in 4th year
First Exposure to Erlang
“I was a Lego Kid”
“It will do the things I tell it to do”
End of Degree Project
Writing a Risk Management system in Erlang
Modeling policies as processes
Pattern Matching
Doing Research in the Computer Engineering world
Ph.D. on what Functional Programming helped put on the table
Seeing what it would be like to work in academia and the research world
“What did functional programming bring to the table?”
State in Processes
Pattern Matching
“[…] they seem straight forward 20 years later”
Matthew Flatt – A Racket Perspective on Research, Education, and Production
Keeping research close to industry
Teaching Erlang in her Software Architecture course
“They’ve never seen really distributed architectures”
Automatic Validation and Testing
“You specify what you want to test”
Designing for Scalability with Erlang and OTP
Suffering from the Secrecy of Using Erlang
Erlang Ecosystem Foundation
Overview of the Erlang Ecosystem Foundation
Education Working Group
OTP Behaviors
University of Kent Erlang Master Classes; Class 1; Class 2; Class 3
Erlang Camp
Erlang and OTP in Action
Code BEAM Lite A Coruña
Code BEAM Twitter Account
Code BEAM A Coruña Twitter Account
Sponsorships for Code BEAM Lite
Erlang Workshops
Brujo Benavides
Erlang Workshop with Laura and Brujo
Rebar 3
Property Based Testing Training Workshop coming soon

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