Functional Geekery Episode 138 – Aleksander Lisiecki

In this episode I talk with Aleksander Lisiecki. We talk his introduction to Erlang, non-standard use cases for Erlang and Elixir, Erlang and Elixir School, and more.

Our Guest, Aleksander Lisiecki.

@AlekLisiecki on Twitter
aleklisi on Github
Aleksander’s Email at Erlang Solutions


ElixirConf EU is taking place the 9th and 10th of June, with training running the 6th-8th. For more information and to get your tickets visit

:clojureD is taking place June 11th in Berlin, Germany. Visit for more information and to submit your proposal.

Lambda Days 2022 has been moved to the 28th and 29th of July in Krakow, Poland. Visit to keep up to date.

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Topics [@2:44]

About Aleksander
Lambda Days
Software background coming into University
Taking a class on Ada and Erlang
Piotr Matyasik
Ariane 5
Getting an Internship in Erlang
Erlang Solutions
School of Erlang
Michal Slaski
Peer Stritzinger
GRiSP boards
Aleksander’s School of Erlang repos on Github

Things appealing about Erlang
Tooling for inspecting and observing the system
Erlang Application
Concurrency and Parallelism in Erlang
Common Roadblocks to Understanding Erlang and Elixir
Prolog like syntax
Processes in the BEAM
Aleksander’s post on Spawnfest
Other interesting projects in Erlang and Elixir Aleksander has done
The Sound of Erlang
Duncan McGreggor’s presentation on Undertone
Raspberry Pi Zero W
Building a coal stove refill monitor application
Murphy’s Law
Aleksander’s upcoming talk at Lambda Days
Lambda Days 2022
Joanna Wrona
Slightly non-standard use cases for Erlang
Web Scraping
Monte Carlo Simulations
ElixirConf EU 2022

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