Functional Geekery Episode 10 – Paul Holser

In this episode I talk with Paul Holser. We start out by talking about his junit-quickcheck project, being a life long learner and exploring ideas about computation from other languages, and what Java 8 is looking like in with the support of closures and lambdas.

Our Guest, Paul Holser
@pholser on Twitter


The Container Store
JUnit Theories
Real World Haskell
Haskell QuickCheck
Prime Factors Kata
Interest in trying to tackle shrinking for junit-quickcheck
Bringing functional ideas back into Java
Try to push the envelope of what you can do in a language
Being a life long student
MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course)
Why work in Java
Being willing to suck at something to afford learning opportunities
Ways to bring ideas from functional languages back to co-workers
Be gentle and persistent
How well Java 8 brings functional ideas back to Java
Work to use lambdas as matchers in JUnit
Single Abstract Method Types
Steve Yegge’s Execution in the Kingdom of Nouns
Support of closures and lambdas in Java 8
New Optional Type in Java 8
Dallas Area Java MUG at Improving Enterprises
Coursera Courses and other MOOCs
Functional Programming Principles in Scala on Coursera
Principles of Reactive Programming on Coursera

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