Functional Geekery Episode 100 – Mark Allen

In this episode I talk with Mark Allen. We talk his introduction to Erlang, deployment, Mark’s various projects, lessons in distributed applications, and much more.

Our Guest, Mark Allen

@bytemeorg on Twitter
mrallen1 on Github

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Topics [@4:43]

About Mark
How Mark moved from systems administration to software development
Alert Logic
Microsoft Orleans
Mark’s first exposure to Erlang
Erlang’s virtues as stumbling blocks to newcomers to Erlang
Understanding loops via recursion
Seeing the power of Erlang with long running concurrent tasks
“[Erlang] makes easy things hard, and hard things easy”
Moving from understanding syntax to thinking in processes
Messages and Mailboxes as a means to concurrency
“If you do have surprises, it’s because you forgot to update that part of the state”
Making the transition to deeper distributed computing with Erlang
Riak Core
“[In Riak Core] the unit of computation is a VNode”
Reid Draper on Functional Geekery Episode 6
Continuing to fall victim to the fallacies of distributed computing
The Network is Reliable
Deployment story of Erlang
“Your team owns the code… You own the problem the entire time”
AWS and Docker
Project to build a repository behind the company firewall
Administrating Erlang
Error logging and potential to crash the vm with large state
Erlang/OTP release 20.0
Erlang hot-code loading compared to deployment with Amazon AWS and Docker
Ability to patch long running services while still running
“Don’t be intimidated by Erlang”
Way Erlang has changed the way Mark thinks in other languages
Alert Logic is hiring if you want to write Erlang day-to-day
Examples of good Erlang structure
Erlang User Conference 2017
Sagas in Erlang
Curry On Barcelona
The Sharp Edges of Leaky Abstraction

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