Functional Geekery Episode 103 – Justin Schneck

In this episode I talk with Justin Schneck. We talk embedded Erlang and Elixir with the Nerves Project, where Nerves fits in the landscape of embedded systems, prototyping vs deployment, and much, much more.

Our Guest, Justin Schneck
@mobileoverlord on Twitter
mobileoverlord on Github
Nerves Project
@NervesProject on Twitter

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Open FSharp will be taking place the 28th-29th of September in San Francisco, California. Visit for more information and to register.

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Topics [@4:53]

About Justin
Phoenix Framework
Justin’s desire to start his motorcycle from his phone
Microsoft TDS Driver in Ecto
The Road to 2 Million Websocket Connections in Phoenix
Setting the foundation for the actor model from embedded systems
Raspberry Pi
Erlang Ale
Nerves Project
Justin’s introduction to Nerves
Frank Hunleth
Garth Hitchens
“Why can’t I just run a Raspberry Pi”
Nerves as suite of helper libraries
Elixir Ale
Nerves as tool to build deployment images
Ability to get minimal opt-in package images
Creating a meal from a grocery kitchen versus at home
What might deployment to production look like
BeagleBone Black
LinkIt Smart
“Anything you can do in Buildroot you can essentially turn into a composable Nerves system.”
“Microcomputers” vs microcontrollers in the Nerves world
Hard real time constraints in Arduino vs soft real time requirements
Le Tote
Key factors Elixir is good at for embedded systems
Wendy Smoak building a cat feeder in Nerves
Booting to Erlang/Elixir as process-zero
Dynamic configuration in Nerves
Elixir on Nerves on Lego EV3 brick
Le Tote kiosk on Raspberry Pi or x86
Call to action to get started in Nerves
“Blinking lights as the Hello World of hardware”
Nerves on HexDocs
Nerves Examples
Pi Zero W
“Don’t be afraid to do things that have already been done, just for the experience of knowing how to get those things accomplished”
Where to share one’s projects and experiences
#Nerves in Elixir Lang Slack
Elixir Forum
Erlang Factory San Francisco 2017
Erlang User Conference 2017
LeToteTeam on Github
Thank You to the community

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