Functional Geekery Episode 114 – Fred Herbert

In this episode I talk with Fred Herbert. We talk his introduction to Erlang, making languages accessible to the community, productionization as a phase of software, property testing, we wrap up with a tease of how “Everything is Terrible”, and much more.

Our Guest, Fred Herbert

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Topics [@2:06]

About Fred
Learn You Some Erlang For Great Good
Erlang in Anger
How Fred got introduced Erlang
Writing “Learn You Some Erlang” as he was learning Erlang
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
Structure of Erlang programs
“The idea that there is no main function”
Links and Monitors in Erlang
Erlang and OTP in Action
“Difference in trying to prevent the errors compared to trying to deal with them”
Making languages approachable and health of the community
Fred’s Keynote at Erlang User Conference 2016
Getting interaction with newcomers to remove hurdles to getting started in a language
Thinking about the Productionization Phase of your software
“A lot of the work you do is not writing it the first time, its really keeping the thing going after that”
Importance of thinking about your people as a part of your system
Conway’s Law
House M.D.
Seeing your code as a piece of writing
The importance of predictable code
Programming in the Large and Programming in the Small
Programming Paradigms for Dummies by Peter Van Roy
Property Testing
“Most of the errors in the system are mistakes that I didn’t see coming”
Haskell QuickCheck
Erlang QuickCheck
Hypothesis in Python
Upcoming talk at CodeMesh
Everything is Terrible
This Week in Erlang

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