Functional Geekery Episode 121 – Claudia Doppioslash

In this episode I talk with Claudia Doppioslash. We catch up with what she has been doing since Episode 42, which includes PureScript and Elm, GRiSP, applying functional ideas to game programming, and more.

Our Guest, Claudia Doppioslash
@doppioslash on Twitter
@lambda_cat on Twitter
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BuzzConf will take place the Thursday 26th of April, with workshops on Friday April 27th, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. For more information, and to register, visit:

CodeBEAM STO, formerly Erlang User Conference, celebrates the 20th Anniversary of Erlang being made Open Sourced, and will be taking place May 31st and June 1st. For more information and to register visit

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Topics [@5:08]

About Claudia
Claudia’s past appearance on Episode 42
Claudia’s talk on PureScript and Elm at LambdaDays 2017
What Claudia has been up to in the past 2 years
Elm 0.17 and the move from Functional Reactive Programming
Claudia’s LambdaDays presentation Visualizing Home Automation with GRiSP
Writing a book on Shader Programming
PluralSight course Developing Custom Shaders in Unity
Difference in working in Elm and PureScript
When she might pick Elm and when PureScript
Programming model difference between Elm and Halogen in PureScript
Halogen guide
Applying Functional Programming to writing games
Clojure in Unity with Arcadia
F# in Unity
Places where functional ideas fit in with game programming
Function Reactive Libraries for game programming
Robert Virding – Synchronizing Game Components
Things that are interesting Claudia today
Entity Component Systems
Caitie McCaffrey on Hanselminutes
Ray tracing support in GPUs
What about Idris seems appealing
Upcoming conference talk ideas
Rhino 3D modeling
Physically Based Shader Development for Unity 2017

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