Functional Geekery Episode 123 – Zach Tellman

In this episode I talk with Zach Tellman. We talk his introduction to Clojure, how he has noticed Clojure change over the past 10 years, his book Elements of Clojure, and more.

Our Guest, Zach Tellman

Zach’s website
@ztellman on Twitter

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Topics [@5:25]

About Zach
Elements of Clojure
C# Delegates
C++ STL Library
Jane Street
Early days of Clojure and how it has evolved
Ability to plant a flag in the Clojure eco-system
Lessons from when to wrap something in Clojure vs just inter-op with the Java library
“Clojure as the connective tissue”
The Joy of Clojure
Programming Clojure
Clojure Programming
Wizard hat and special incantations
Zach’s overview of Elements of Clojure
Strunk and White’s The Element of Style
Being stymied when trying to answer “Why is your way better than mine?”
First Chapter on Naming
“Clojure being used as a lens to understand the fundamental questions of software”
Elements of Software
What it means to think about thinking about software
Proof of Correctness of Data Representations by C A R Hoare
“Have we created a representation of a problem that is valuable given what we are trying to do”
Church Numerals

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