Functional Geekery Episode 125 – Verónica López

In this episode I talk with Verónica López. We talk her background, exposure to Go and Elixir, working with CoreOS and Kubernetes, being a bridge between Kubernetes and the BEAM communities, and more.

Our Guest, Verónica López

@maria_fibonacci on Twitter

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Topics [@3:26]

About Verónica
Red Hat
Background as a physicist
Translating software from Fortran to Python
Working on Android applications
Building back-end services and doing UI design as a mobile developer
Moving into more back-end development
Transition to Go and Elixir
Getting creative on limited infrastructure
ElixirConf 2017 – My Journey from Go to Elixir
Why originally picking Go over Elixir for concurrency
Norberto Ortigoza
Further exposure to Elixir
Translating Elixir and BEAM concepts to Go
Phoenix Framework
Learning how to fail better
Comparing Elixir and the BEAM to Kubernetes
Learning from other languages and toolkits approaches to distributed systems
Operator SDK
Operators in Kubernetes
Being able to use Elixir in an organization as a luxury currently
Being a bridge between Kubernetes and Elixir
Languages live or die by promotion
Importance of having people to learn from

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