Functional Geekery Episode 127 – Katie Hughes

In this episode I talk with Katie Hughes. We talk her introduction to software development, exposure to functional programming, orienting herself in a new codebase, “learning to trust again”, and much more.

Our Guest, Katie Hughes

@glitteringkatie on Twitter

Conference Announcements

Summer BOB 2019 is taking place August 21st in Berlin, Germany. Visit for registration and more information.

elm-conf 2019 is September 12th in St. Louis, Missouri. Visit to find out more and to register.

OPEN FSHARP 2019 is taking place in the heart of San Francisco, on the 25th – 27th of September. Visit to register and find out more.

Lambda Days 2020 just announced their CFP! Go to their website and submit a talk for a chance to present your work on their stage in February.

If you have a conference related to functional programming, contact me, and I will be happy to announce it.


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Topics [@2:50]

About Katie
Oregon State
Exposure to functional programming via Internship
Programming Language Fundamentals class
Katie’s Introduction to Elm
Learning Elm and Haskell as part of 20% time
Learn You A Haskell for Great Good
Going through the book in both Haskell and JavaScript
Being exposed to some functional programming before the college course
How Haskell and Elm in 20% time feed back into React and Redux usage
Taking 20% learnings back to the team
Working with people that were interested in functional programming
Learning the paradigm
Moving to work at NoRedInk
Ruby on Rails
Elm in the Spring
Katie’s Minor in Cognitive Psychology
Cognitive Maps
Where the Elm Am I
“What Can I Break?”
Learning how to trust again using Elm
Reading the import statements in Elm
Using the Elm compiler to help build a mental map by seeing what breaks
Katie’s experience picking up Elixir
Understanding how data flows through the Elixir Services
Starting an Elixir Book Club at work
Little Elixir and OTP Guide Book
Refining strategy of how to break things in Elixir
Upcoming talk at elm-conf
Working on project to connect characters in Marvel Universe
Look into Elm Conferences for first time talkers
Tips for writing a good CFP
Breaking down the outline early
Learning Objectives for the audience
Get Programming with Haskell
Elm Lang tutorial
Elm tutorial as good guide for understanding React and Redux

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