Functional Geekery Episode 16 – Matthew Podwysocki

In this episode I talk with Matthew Podwysocki. We talk about Reactive Programming and Functional Reactive Programming, and the Reactive Extensions project. We also touch on Matt’s recent passion about hardware, and how that aligns with his interest in reactive programming.

Our Guest, Matthew Podwysocki

@mattpodwysocki on Twitter
@reactivex on Twitter
Reactive Extensions Portal


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Reactive Extensions and Microsoft Open Technologies
Reactive Manifesto
Microsoft Excel – One of the worlds largest reactive programming environments
More event driven, register an interest in a piece of data
Not pull based, but more pushed based if interested
Responding to a Stimulus
Functional Reactive Programming
Conal Elliot and Paul Hudak
Functional Reactive Animation
Dynamic and Evolving Values, or values over time
Continious notion of time
Behaviors and Events
Reactive Extensions has concept of virtural time
Aggregation of events
Stock ticker example
Buffers and Windows
Arbitrary queries over streaming data
Reactive allows to take the data as it comes along and slice and dice in any number of ways
“If you can do an operation in SQL you can do an operation on events.”
“Not only is SQLServer whatever a database, but so is your mouse”
Advantage is you can do things without external state hanging around.
“It is simple enough you could have probably invted it youself”
RxJava at Netflix
ReactiveCocoa at Github
RxPython and RxRuby
Interesting things between langagues when porting reactive extensions to other langauges
Reactive Extensions Portal
Intro to Rx
Intro to Reactive Programming by André Staltz
Matt’s recent passion is hardware
Chris Williams and JSConf
Internet of Things
Robots Conf
“When everything you think about is a sensor, you can also think of as a database”

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2 replies on “Functional Geekery Episode 16 – Matthew Podwysocki”

Yeah, thanks for pointing me to Conal Elliot again!

Other than that, there’s not much I could get out of this episode. Too much .NET and LINQ stuff flying around for my taste. 🙂

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