Functional Geekery Episode 22 – LambdaConf 2015, Part 1

This is part one of a number of mini interviews I did at LambdaConf 2015. While I was there, I setup my laptop and microphone off to the side for a bit and recorded episodes with anybody who was interested in a mini interview.


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Brian McKenna

Overview of PureScript
Differences between PureScript and Haskell
Dependent Types and Equality
Idempotent Functions and Involutions
Barrier to Entry of Idris
Best way to get into Idris is via Haskell
[email protected]

John De Goes

John’s programming background
Organizing a conference
Inspired by the passion of people that came to LambdaConf 2014
The cross-language friendships formed
Amazed by the number of languages and experience levels
PureScript Conf
Why PureScript
Possibility of niche language workshops pre LambdaConf 2016


Women Who Code
Paige Bailey’s workshop on Clojure
Highlights of the conference so far
Programming and Math talk
Perspective on the functional programming community at LambdaConf
Interest in Clojure and Scala

Matt Farmer

Scala and Clojure
Why pursuing new and cutting edge technologies is worth while
Paul Phillips on a virtual file system.
Farmdawg Nation
“Be here next year”

Brooke Zelenka

Vancouver Functional Programmers meetup
Idris and Dependent Types
Algebraic Data Types
Chris Allen on teaching programming
Early release of Haskell Programming

Zeeshan Lakhani

The Meaning of LFE
Tile from Fogus
Learnings from learning Lisp Flavored Erlang
Duncan McGreggor
Robert Virding
Good interop with QuickCheck already
lfetool for creating projects
Feel the power of both the LISP and Erlang worlds
Zeeshan’s Conflict Resolution Data Types lightning talk
Merging based on causality
Still new research on CRDTs going on
Version Vectors and Eventual Consistency
Sean Cribbs’ A Brief History of Time in Riak presentation
Papers We Love
Keep people talking about research from both academia and industry
Shouldn’t lose track of research that is going on or happened
Check out footnotes from the slides

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