Functional Geekery Episode 30 – ElixirConf 2015

In this weeks episode we have a number of mini-interviews from ElixirConf 2015. I spent some time in the designated quiet room during the conference with microphone setup, and invited people to come by and share their experience of ElixirConf.


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Lennart Fridén

@devlcsc on Twitter
Journeyman tour
Overview of Lennart’s talk Virtually Instructional
How Lennart came to look at Elixir
Stockholm Elixir
Overlap between Erlang and Elixir at Stockholm Elixir
“Elixir has been a marvelous trojan horse to get people to look at the BEAM”

Brian Cardarella

@bcardarella on Twitter
Business decisions for buying into Elixir and Phoenix
Replacing a Node.js backend with Elixir
Chris McCord’s talk What’s Next for Phoenix
CRDT: Datatype for the Apocalypse
Chris Meiklejohn and Lasp

Johnny Winn

@johnny_rugger on Twitter
Elixir Fountain
Why Johnny came to Elixir
Looked at Clojure and Erlang but didn’t stick
“All of a sudden I groked everything functional”
Elixir Fountain newsletter and podcast
“A lot of the success of a thing is how it is marketed”
#myelixirstatus on Twitter
“What comes after MVC?”
Chris McCord’s Phoenix talk and Jessica Kerr’s Keynote
Phoenix with Elm
Elixir Fountain podcast live panel

Lakeida Sprenkle

Communication Services for the Deaf
Being brand new to Elixir
Programming in Elixir with Tests by Bruce Tate and Eric Meadows-Jönsson
Bruce Tate’s keynote
Jessica Kerr’s keynote
Being encouraged to contribute as someone new to a community
Wendy Smoak’s talk How To Contribute to Elixir and Phoenix
José Valim’s keynote
Composable Queries with Ecto

Scott Hamilton

@greeneggs614 on Twitter
Dave Thomas’ presentation on Elixir at Lone Star Ruby
Austin Elixir group
Programming in Elixir with Tests by Bruce Tate and Eric Meadows-Jönsson
“Good to get judgement on where I am”
Chris McCord’s talk What’s Next for Phoenix
Advanced Phoenix and Websockets
Phoenix with Elm
Taking Phoenix beyond the browser with iOS and Apple Watch
Jessica Kerr’s keynote
Looking forward to Embedded Elixir in Action

Jeff Weiss

@jeffweiss on Twitter
Thoughts on what Jeff has seen at ElixirConf
ElixirConf EU
Jeff’s talk at ElixirConf EU
What stood out so far at ElixirConf
José Valim’s Keynote
Mastering date/time handling with Elixir
Phoenix training
Deploying Elixir to production
Puppet Labs is Hiring for Elixir

Alan Gardner

@mr_urf on Twitter
Phoenix with Elm
Pragmatic Studios
Programming Elixir
Elm tutorial from Pragmatic Studios
Elm Discuss mailing list
Looking for the excuse to use Elixir and Phoenix at work
Look for upcoming blog posts on Elixir and Elm
@cultivatehq on Twitter

Kyle Oba

@mudphone on Twitter
How Kyle got into Elixir
Metaprogramming Elixir
Programming Elixir
Advanced Phoenix and Websockets
Most of the time was spent in JavaScript
Jamie Windsor’s talk Into Production
CRDT: Datatype for the Apocalypse
The BEAM sub-“track”
Looking to catching the videos from Confreaks

As always, a giant Thank You goes to David Belcher for the logo design.

***Update October 27th, 2015***: Links to presentations have been added to the shownotes.

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