Functional Geekery Episode 53 – Scott Nimrod

In this episode I talk with Scott Nimrod. We talk about his entry into F#, his realizations, and his stumblings in coming from a strong object-oriented background.

Our Guest, Scott Nimrod

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About Scott
How Scott decided to get into functional programming
What attracted Scott to look at F#
Scott’s transition to F#
F# on Lego Mindstorms blog post and source code
Property based testing in F#
NDC London
Difference between C# and F# workflows
Computational Expressions
“I didn’t realized how much of a slave I was to that paradigm [object-oriented]”
How learning F# has affected the way Scott writes non F# code
Attempt to bring propery based testing to non-F# workflow
Making illegal states inrepresentable
Struggles with taking advantage of F#’s type system
Object Expressions
How well did Scott’s familiarity with LINQ transfer to F#?
“Do not try to relate concepts in Functional Programming to what you do in Object Oriented Programming”
F#’s Backwards Pipe Operator
Mark Seemann’s artical on F#’s Backwards Pipe Operator
Tuples in F#
Resources for getting into F#
Expert F# 4.0
Testing with F#
Scott Wlaschin YouTube videos
F# language questions on StackOverflow
Mark Seemann’s Pluralsight videos
Desired resoruce of “How to arcitect complete solutions in F#”
“I wish there was more of a F# community here in the States”

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