Functional Geekery Episode 55 – Andreas Stefik

In this episode I talk with Andreas Stefik. We cover the human factors side of programming languages and he gives a rundown of what the little research we have on programming language usability.

Our Guest, Andreas Stefik

@AndreasStefik on Twitter


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About Andreas
University of Nevada at Las Vegas
Andreas on Ruby Rogues
About Human Factors of Programming Languages
Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho’s paper on only 22 studies on programming languages
How Andreas came into studying Human Factor
Stefan Hanenberg
How do blind people do programming?
How people that are novices understand syntax
What the landscape of studies look like now
Alice programming language
ICFP has Zero studies coming out of that conference
What the studies show between static and dynamic languages
What “a reliable study” means
Randomized Controlled Trial
“After a certain level of experience, static typing benefits human beings”
Neil Brown
Relation of static types to implicit or explicit types
Andreas’ 2×2 study on static vs dynamic types **Updated Link on 2016-06-16**: The ACM site needs to be accessed from Andreas’ site to view papers.
Status of studies on inherently simple vs complex languages
Token Accuracy Mapping
Quorum programming language
Studies on complier errors
Neil Brown’s 37 Million Compilations: Investigating Novice Programming Mistakes in Large-Scale Student Data
Jaime Spacco
Google’s study on compiler errors for professionals
Paul Denny’s All Syntax Errors Are Not Equal.
Status of studies on immutability
Overview of studies on lambdas
Andreas’ study on lambdas vs iterators
Expertise Reversal
How people can help drive the research forward
Educate yourself on the standard of research in other fields
Where can people keep updated on progress of the studies
EPIQ 2016
Quorum Google Group
Quorum Language on Facebook

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One reply on “Functional Geekery Episode 55 – Andreas Stefik”

Awesome podcast,
These days I’ve had a bit of pain in my right eye, and precisely I was wondering what would be like to have to program as a blind person. Interesting insights provided by Andreas.

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