Functional Geekery Episode 59 – Eric Bailey

In this episode I talk with Eric Bailey. We talk his entry into functional programming; work with Scheme, Clojure, Haskell, and LFE; getting into the LFE community; interop story with other BEAM languages;; and much more.

Our Guest, Eric Bailey

@yurrriq on Twitter
Eric blogs at


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About Eric
Lisp Flavoured Erlang
“The power of language level hacking”
“I really wished I reached out [to the LFE community] sooner”
Object-oriented vs functional mindset
Paradigm shift from learning Haskell
Point free style
“It made me realize how much bad stuff I was doing”
Taking the second pass at learning LFE
Feedback from the LFE community
Robert Virding’s desire to keep the core language simple and small
Docstring support in LFE
Using LFE at work
“It’s great to do fun stuff at work”
LFE, Erlang, and Elixir interop
Need to include Elixir standard library at runtime
“90% of the time you don’t need to include LFE at runtime”
Decision of using existing library vs writing own in LFE for LFE
LFE style guide
Goal to improve the documentation on LFE
Getting started guides targeting different backgrounds
Importance of new perspectives in the LFE community
Folding lessons back into other languages
The benefit of thinking functionally even in object oriented software
Functions that have single responsibility and no side-effects
“The more the merrier”
Appearance at Erlang User Conference 2016
Eric will not be making the Erlang User Conference this year **Updated at 2016-07-19 12:46 UTC**
LFE Slack
#erlang-lisp on

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