Functional Geekery Episode 75 – Eric B. Merritt

In this episode I talk with Eric Merritt. We catch up on his experience with unikernels, containers, Nix, microservices, the benefits of orchestration platforms to allow developers to focus on solving the business problems, and much, much more.

Our Guest, Eric B. Merritt

@ericbmerritt on Twitter


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About Eric
Eric on Episode 20
Unikernels are a Perfect Diamond vs Worse is Better of containers
Lisp: Good News, Bad News, How to Win Big
Section 2.1 The Rise of Worse is Better
How the old programming rules don’t apply
Platform Engineers and Business Application Engineer
AWS Elastic Beanstalk
A new way of getting Erlang’s concurrency model
How communication between microservices is setup when not using Erlang
Writing microservices in Haskell
Writing microservices in Scala
Platforms as tooling compared to Garbage Collection or Algebraic Data Types
Docker Swarm
Moving to platform services and containers
“By allowing your engineers to focus on your business and offloading and removing the risk in developing your own platform your reducing your risk to make that transition”
Nix Package Manager
Ability to rebuild host at any point in time
Building containers using Nix expressions
Running NixOS on your laptop
Resources for getting started with Nix
Start with using Nix Package manager on your laptop
Nix Manual
Run NixOS on your laptop or AWS
Opportunities opened up for trying out and introducing a new language
Getting a side project in Haskell running in a container in production in a couple of hours
“Getting started is so much easier than it used to be”

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