Functional Geekery Episode 87 – Bryan Joseph

In this episode I talk with Bryan Joseph. We talk Elixirscript; the initial seed of an idea, JavaScript interop, runtime semantic differences, and much more.

Our Guest, Bryan Joseph

@bryanjos on Twitter
bryanjos on Github


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Topics [@4:18]

About Bryan
Revelry Labs
ElixirConf 2015
Elixir in the Browser
How Bryan got exposed to software development
Transitioning from Scala to Elixir
Programming Elixir by Dave Thomas
What planted the idea to create Elixirscript
Metaprogramming Elixir by Chris McCord
The initial start on Elixirscript
Elixir Docs
Elixir Doctests
Vision of Elixirscript compared to Elixir
Translating across different runtime semantics
JavaScript interop in Elixirscript
Immutability in Elixirscript vs mutability in JavaScript
Object.freeze in JavaScript
Elixirscript and how it might work with WebAssembly
Current state of Elixirscript
Lonestar ElixirConf
Using Elixirscript
Where Elixirscript fits in
Short term roadmap for Elixirscript
Longer term roadmap
Porting the core library Bryan has to port to JavaScript
Elixirscript in browser vs server
Where to learn more about Elixirscript
Elixirscript on Github
Elixirscript blog
Elixirscript on Hex
Elixirscript channel on Elixir slack
Elixirscript gitter room

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