Functional Geekery Episode 90 – Federico Carrone

In this episode I talk with Federico Carrone. We talk about his experience with Erlang, MLs, Lisps, various other languages, his “This is not a Monad Tutorial” interviews, and much, much more.

Our Guest, Federico Carrone

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This is not a Monad tutorial

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Topics [@7:22]

About Federico
This is not a Monad tutorial
How Federico got into being interested in different languages
Coders at Work: Reflections on the Craft of Programming by Peter Seibel
Learning curve of Erlang
Architecture of Processes
What helped click about Architecture in Erlang
“Writing Callbacks […] is not the way I think”
Suggestions for making Architecture click
Riak Core
What about Erlang/Elixir excites Federico
“Sending a process to a remote node is the same as sending a process on the same node”
Looking into other different languages
ML family languages
What triggered interest in static type languages
Brujo Benavides on Episode 43
Appeal of Lisp
The appeal of syntactically different languages
Which Lisps are interesting to Federico
Emacs Lisp
Chicken Scheme
What interests Federico about Rust
Bringing C and ML together
Firefox and Rust
Erlang Scheduler
Folding ideas into a language during initial design vs later in lifetime
Jesper Louis Anderson interview Part I
Jesper Louis Anderson interview Part II
Importance of experimentation around your software
Importance of discussion and strong opinions in learning
Jay Kreps on Kafka Interview
Tools vs Frameworks
Other and/or Upcoming projects
Spawned Shelter
Desire for a Spawned Shelter equivalents for MLs and Lisps
Desire to create a programming language folding in lessons from Erlang, MLs, and Lisps

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