Functional Geekery Episode 96 – Erik Svedäng

In this episode I talk with Erik Svedäng. We talk his background in functional programming, game development, and creating Carp, a statically typed Lisp for use in game development.

Our Guest, Erik Svedäng
@e_svedang on Twitter
eriksvedang on Github
Carp on Github

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Topics [@4:50]

About Erik
Carp Language
Desire to make a game
How Erik was exposed to functional programming
Else Heart.Break()
Putting a programming language inside a game
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
Fascination with programming and human languages
Fitting functional programming ideas into game development
Dr. Racket
Foundation for starting a new language to do game development with
Reasons behind combining types and a Lisp in Carp
Integrating Types and Macros
Typed Racket
Lessons in language design for game engine loop performance levels
Memory management in Carp
Interactivity in developing a game in Carp
Wondering how much should Algebraic Data Types should be brought into a Lisp
Current state of Carp
Where to find out more about Carp
Carp on Gitter in Carp repository
Type-Driven Development with Idris

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