Episode 1 – Robert C. Martin

In this episode I talk with Robert C. Martin, better known as Uncle Bob. We run the gamut from Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, introducing children to programming, TDD and the REPL, compatibility of Functional Programming and Object Oriented Programming

Our Guest, Robert C. Martin
8th Light


Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
Ignite Your Coding
SICP Videos
Domain Driven Design
Stuart Holloway
Functional Programming as intro to programming?
Myth of not being able to build real apps with functional languages
TDD vs REPL (Read Eval Print Loop)
Transformation Priority Premise
Test Driving Functional Programs
Midje by Brian Marick
SOLID Principals Relation to Functional Programming
Clean Code and Readability
Ward Cunningham
Katas/Project Euler/Koans
Clojure Koans
Functional Programming and Object Oriented Compatibility
Michael Feathers
Introducing Functional Programming to Work Environment
Lack of History In A Young Industry
8th Light

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Status update – Dec 22nd 2013

Sorry for the delay everyone. I was hoping to have the first episode up last Tuesday night, but had some technical issues. When I tried to upload the finished mp3 file, I found out the upload limit was set to 8MB. I was in contact with technical support for my hosting provider, and they have been helpful, but there has been a delay between support emails. I am in progress of changing hosting plans, and will get the first episode up as soon as possible.

I currently have one episode waiting to be uploaded, and I recorded the second one on Friday, and will be editing that over the next few evenings.

Please keep checking back for further updates, and you can also follow @fngeekery, which is the official Twitter account for this site/podcast.

I will be filing this under things to remember if I start another podcast in the future, or if anyone else asks about what it takes to get a podcast going. 😉

Thank you for you patience.


Stay Tuned…

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