Episode 2 – Craig Andera

In this episode I talk with fellow podcaster Craig Andera. We talk about working in Clojure, ClojureScript and Datomic, as well as making the transition to functional programming from C#, and working in Clojure on Windows. I also get him to give some recommendations on things he learned from guests on his podcast, The Cognicast.

Our Guest, Craig Andera

Craig Andera


Craig’s podcast, The Cognicast
Mostly Lazy and Chas Emerick
Making the transition from C# to Clojure
Stuart Holloway
Justin Gehtland
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
Gerald Sussman and Hal Abelson
Out of the Tar Pit
Design Patterns
Some of the differences between Common Lisp and Scheme and Clojure
Sharing code between Clojure and ClojureScript
EDN and Reader Literals
The “Holy Grail” of same language everywhere; client, server and database
Rich Hickey’s Simple Made Easy
Real-World Datomic: An Experience Report
Room Key
Datomic as an append only database
The ease/difficulty of thinking about storing data in Datomic
Amazon’s DynamoDB
Tim Ewald
Working back in DynamoDB after working with Datomic
Developing in Clojure on Windows
XServer on Linux Virtual Machine in Windows
The Cognicast
Good episodes for those unfamiliar with The Cognicast (formerly Think Relevance The Podcast)
Maggie Litton on Think Relevance The Podcast Episode 46
Michael Nygard on Think Relevance The Podcast Episode
Pick a random episode and listen
Rich Hickey on core.async
Design Implementation podcast
Reid Draper talking about Haskell and Erlang
Where to find Cognitects
Clojure DC
Reston Hack Nights
Baltimore Clojure
Craig’s Github page
Tim Ewald’s Clojure/conj presentation
Russ Olsen’s Clojure/conj presentation
Cognitect team page

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