Episode 3 – Fogus

In this episode I talk with Fogus, author of The Joy of Clojure and Functional JavaScript. We cover his history with functional languages, working with JavaScript in a functional style, and digging into the history of software development.

Our Guest, Fogus


Joy of Clojure
Chris Houser
Relevance (Now Cognitect)
Missing the interesting conversations as part of Clojure.core team
Fogus’ previous functional language experience
What about Lisp appeals to Fogus
Progression of Imperative to Functional to Logic programming
Functional JavaScript
Douglas Crockford
Jeremy Ashkenas
Ostrich purity
Bilby and Fantasy Land by Brian McKenna
Structuring and organizing functional programs
How to build your knowledge of the history of computing
Reading for the Rushed
Follow footnotes/bibliography/references
10 Technical Papers Every Programmer Should Read (At Least Twice)
The History of Programming Languages Volume 2
A Programming Language by Kenneth Iverson
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (from
Any book written before 1990
Production Rule Systems in Clojure
Infinite Jest
House of Leaves

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