Episode 4 – Zach Kessin

In this episode I talk with fellow podcaster Zach Kessin. We cover his background in software development and podcasting, the background of Erlang, process recovery, testing tools, as well as profiling live running systems in Erlang.

Our Guest, Zach Kessin

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zkessin on
Mostly Erlang
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Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
Programming HTML5 Applications
Building Web Applications with Erlang
Listing to podcasts as part of a commute
365 Days of Astronomy
Mostly Erlang
Ohio State University astronomy professor Richard Pogue and his lectures
Zach’s episode of JavaScript Jabber
Background of Erlang
Actor Model
Erlang Links/Monitors
Behaviors in Erlang
Process Recovery in Erlang
Robert Virding
Kostis Sagonis
PropEr and Property Based Testing
Episode 16 & Episode 27 of Mostly Erlang
Testing Erlang
Moore’s Law is over and mega-cores are the future
Immutability in Erlang
Joe Armstrong
Simon Peyton Jones
Profiling Covering in Running Code
webmachine diagram
Mostly Erlang – 029 Teaching Kids to Code
Ruby Rogues – 141 RR Teaching Kids with Ron Evans
Introducing Erlang by Simon St. Laurent
Learn You Some Erlang for Great Good
Erlang Factory
Chicago Boss

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