Episode 5 – Colin Jones

In this episode I talk with Colin Jones, software craftsman at 8th Light. We cover Colin’s work on the Clojure Koans, making the transition from Ruby to Clojure, how functional programming affects the way he does object oriented design now, and his venture into learning Haskell.

Our Guest, Colin Jones

Colin on 8th Light
Colin’s blog posts at 8th Light
@trptcolin on Twitter
trptcolin on


8th Light
Colin’s background on getting into programming
Clojure Koans
Learning Clojure by writing the Clojure Koans
Teaching as a way to learn
Colin’s blog post Clojure Libs and Namespaces
Colin’s blog post Quoting Without Confusion
Clojure Doc site
Possible use of nREPL to connect to a live running system
8th Light’s experience with Clojure
Using Object-Oriented constructs in Functional languages, and vice-versa
Colin’s SOLID Clojure presentation
Speclj works on ClojureScript as well
Learn You a Haskell for Great Good
The other book that was recommended to Colin: Haskell: The Craft of Functional Programming
Deliberate Practice with feedback
Colin is writing a book on macros in Clojure from Pragmatic Press
On Lisp by Paul Graham
Let Over Lambda by Doug Hoyte
David Nolen (@swannodette on Twitter)
Concepts, Techniques, and Models of Computer Programming
Michael Bernstein (@mrb_bk on Twitter)
Michael Fogus (@fogus on Twitter)
Out of the Tar Pit on CiteSeer
Apprenticeship at 8th Light
8th Light University on Friday afternoons

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