Functional Geekery Episode 21 – Andrea Magnorsky

In this episode I talk with Andrea Magnorsky. We talk about her introduction to Functional Programming, F#, and we end by talking about her user group Functional Kats.

Our Guest, Andrea Magnorsky

@silverspoon on Twitter
Onikira – Demon Killer


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About Andrea
How Andrea got interested in functional programming
Phil Trelford
CodeMesh 2013
Andrea’s CodeMesh 2014 presentation
“I don’t think I’m ready for that” is the sign you really are
Seven Languages in Seven Weeks
The poor marketing of F# in the beginning of the language
26 effective Ways to introduce F# into your Organization
FSCheck and Property Testing
Introducing F# into an existing project
Interoperation between F# and the rest of .NET
No technical reasons to not use F# instead of C# anymore, all are people reasons
Moving code from C# to F#
Andrea on Mostly Erlang podcast
F# on Macs and Mono
Rachel Reese
F# Koans
Going back to Haskell after learning F#
Game Programming in Haskell by Elise Huard
The power of Discriminated Union Types
Pattern Matching in F#
Active Patterns
Active Patterns example
Functional Composition Operators

[0..10] |> (fun x-> x*2)

NULLs in F#
Unit, None, and Option Types
Functional Kats User Group
@functionalkats on Twitter
NDC Oslo

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