Functional Geekery Episode 76 – Anthony Cipriano

In this episode I talk with Anthony Cipriano. We talk his introduction to functional programming, APL, J, K, the path to writing AntLang, why AntLang, where AntLang took as its inspiration, and more.

Our Guest, Anthony Cipriano

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About Anthony
How Anthony got into programming
“[Prolog] isn’t a different kind of language when you learn it first”
Starting to write a Lisp in Erlang to learn writing a language
“You can type in `1 2 3 + 4 5 6` and spits out three numbers”
“People who learn APL absolutely love it or hate it”
Writing APL on paper and compiling in head
J language
Android mobile version of J
K language
Translating APL to J
“The compiler in my mind has a better compiler than J does”
Errors as generic “Domain Error”
What started the desire to write AntLang
Implementations of interpreters for AntLang
Happy for text parsing
Perl 6
What kind of problem domains is AntLang targeting
What does the future look like for AntLang
How K and AntLang are related
Simplicity of AntLang as a selling point
“If someone has the question ‘Why AntLang?”, well ‘Why not?'”
AntLang embedded in Perl
“Look at the source code and see how small it is”
Resources for AntLang
AntLang Tutorials on YouTube
Essential AntLang

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