Functional Geekery Episode 51 – Brian Lonsdorf

In this episode I talk with Brian Lonsdorf. We talk his intro to functional programming, introducing functional programming concepts using JavaScript, function composition, pure functions, and when he decides to choose between dynamic and static type systems.

Our Guest, Brian Lonsdorf

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Curry On is taking place July 18th and 19th in Rome. Visit to find out more and to register.

Full Stack Fest will be hold in Barcelona on September 5-9th. You can check out —to find out more and submit your paper too.

If you have a conference related to functional programming, contact me, and I will be happy to announce it.


About Brian
Hey Underscore, You’re Doing It Wrong! presentation
Professor Frisby’s Mostly Adequate Guide to Functional Programming
Professor Frisby videos
How Brian got into Functional Programming
Domain Driven Design
How Brian defines Functional Programming
Sneaking in functional programming “envy” into work in object oriented paradigms
“But language X is not functional”
Feeling of first moving from functional programming from object oriented
Importance of mathematical abstractions and composition
Reasons for choosing JavaScript over other languages for the Mostly Adequate Guide
“this is the leakiest abstraction in the world”
David Chambers talking Ramda on Episode 31
“Composability is my number one agenda in the world”
Lazy Streams
React vs Elm vs PureScript as in intro to the functional style
Thermite in PureScript
Halogen in PureScript
Using FreeMonads for npm build scripts and DevOps work
Transition from dynamic to static types
Theorems for Free! by Philip Wadler
Learn and work at understanding and resolving type signatures
Lessons learned between different languages
John DeGoes’ The Next Great Programming Language presentation
Benefits of Sum and Product Types
Thinking about how to be more inclusive
Tips for others to understand functional programming
Strange Loop’s scholarship program
Be humble and honest about your actual knowledge
Working on a series for
“Mostly Adequate Guide is not dead”
RxJS, Highland Streams, Data.Task

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