Functional Geekery Episode 15 – Bruce Tate

In this episode I talk with Bruce Tate. We talk about his books Seven Languages in Seven Weeks, and Seven More Languages in Seven Weeks, and cover what drove him to write the books, and what he thinks about the languages covered. We also touch on the other Seven in Seven books in the series, and what it takes if someone were to decide they wanted to write one.

Our Guest, Bruce Tate

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Background of Seven Languages in Seven Weeks
Fear driven learning
“Prag” Dave Thomas
Beyond Java
Bruce’s intro to Ruby
Prevailing attitude of “One true language”
Learning for the sake of learning
The Free Lunch is Over
What languages would the next big language be?
Seven Languages in Seven Weeks was the project to try to answer that question
What is the story of where the industry is moving?
Joe Armstrong
Book was about the process of learning the languages
Mr Miyagi is the character for Factor
Clojure originally described as Mary Poppins meets The Matrix
Napoleon Dynamite as Perl
Forrest Gump as Pascal
The Griswolds as Visual Basic
“Object Oriented Programmer tries Haskell”
Dave Thomas’ ElixirConf talk
Why Ruby is limited in the long haul
Seven More Languages in Seven Weeks
“I told myself I’d never do this again”
Layering ideas on top of other languages
Idris and dependent typing
Elm for functional and reactive programming comping down to JavaScript
Evan Czaplicki
Thinking of functions of values across time
Two big Ah-Ha moments with working with Idris
Found himself thinking about the type system over code
Compile error found a logic error
The Seven More Languages: Lua, Factor, Elm, Elixir, Julia, miniKanren, and Idris
Bruce’s Presentation at ElixirConf
Elixir bring syntax, macro system, and concurrency model together
José Valim
Elixir is powerful and fast moving because of macro system
Erlang and Elixir as a powerful combination
Hex package management
Why the Cool Kids Don’t Use Erlang by Garrett Smith
Elixir Tooling: Exploring Beyond the Language by Eric Meadows-Jönsson
Seven Web Frameworks in Seven Weeks
Seven Concurrency Models in Seven Weeks
Seven Databases in Seven Weeks
“People want to know breadth”
“We need to be generalists again”
Paul Butcher
Possibility of Seven Historical Languages book
Gratification of A Seven in Seven book

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