Functional Geekery Episode 29 – Carin Meier

In this episode I talk with Carin Meier. We talk about her background into software development and functional programming, the McCarthy papers, Robots, her book Living Clojure, other types of computation, and more.

Our Guest, Carin Meier

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About Carin
How Carin came into software development
Involvement with user groups
Jim Weirich
The Clojure communities interest in bringing in learnings from academics
How Ballet and Physics background transfered into software
“I’m not just teaching you physics, I’m teaching you how to think”
Background on getting into functional programming
John McCarthy’s papers
“Seven McCarthy papers in seven weeks”
Elephant 2000
John Searle’s Speech Acts
Ascribing Mental Qualities to Machines
Interest in Robots
Babar language
Carin’s presentations on robots
Real Time Robot Dance Party
The Joy of Flying Robots in Clojure
Living Clojure
Cincy Functional Programmers Group
“Training Plan” for learning Clojure
Wonderland Katas
clojurians Slack
Clojure Applied
The Joy of Clojure
Mastering Clojure Macros by Colin Jones
Living Clojure and ClojureScript
Applicability of Living Clojure as a training plan across languages
Project Euler
Cincy Functional Programming Group overview
FizzBuzz in Idris with nobody knowing Idris
“We generally don’t have pizza […] people that show up even when there is no pizza are the hardcore functional programmers”
StrangeLoop 2015
StrangeLoop 2015 videos
Unconventional Programming with Chemical Computing
Unconventional Programming Paradigms
Gerald Sussman’s We Really Don’t Know How To Compute!
Cross pollinate the academic ideas with application in industry
Philip Wadler’s Propositions as Types
Won’t be at ClojureConj but check it out

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