Functional Geekery Episode 97 – Colin Barrett

In this episode I talk with Colin Barrett. We talk his intro to Objective C; exploration to Haskell, OCaml, and other languages; diving deep into functional programming; functional Swift; and more.

Our Guest, Colin Barrett

@cbarrett on Twitter

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Topics [@5:33]

About Colin
How Colin first got exposed to software development
First exposures to programming languages
Objective C
C and C++
Looking into Haskell, OCaml, Ruby and other languages
Getting into Haskell
Going Broad vs Going Deep
Seven Languages in Seven Weeks
Colin’s experience getting started with Haskell
“Depending on the angle you come at it, you either bounce off, or get hooked”
Real World Haskell
Taking lessons back out of Haskell
Blocks in Python and Objective C
Uncanny Valley of functional programming in Objective C
Getting deep into functional programming and functional reactive programming
Conal Elliott
Itai Ferber
Swift Evolution List
Smart KeyPaths
Digging into Swift
The dream of a ML family language with Objective C inter-op
Reactive Cocoa
What is the power of Swift vs Objective C?
“Separating out what to do from how to do it”
Swift compared to Haskell or an ML running server side
Recommendations for introducing more functional Swift
Kickstarter libraries
Kickstarter Prelude
Kickstarter mobile apps open sourced
Kickstarter iOS app
Functional Swift Conferences
Theorems for free!
Propositions as Types
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
Compose Conference
Upcoming plans for a Front-end Functional meetup in NYC
Brandon Williams

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