Functional Geekery Episode 95 – Dan Friedman

In this episode I talk with Dan Friedman. Dan gives shares stories of his history working with Lisp, including topics such as the power of Lisp, and tips for introducing a language.

Our Guest, Dan Friedman

Dan’s Faculty Page

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Topics [@5:03]

About Dan
Dan’s early entry into teaching
Elliott Organick
MAD (Michigan Algorithmic Decoder) language
LISP 1.5 Programmer’s Manual
Indiana University
The Little Lisper origins
Smith Corona
Ben Schneiderman
Getting Tenure
David Wise
CONS should not Evaluate its Arguments
Mitch Wand
Essentials of Programming Languages
Oleg Kiselyov
Bill Cohagan
Bob Baron
IBM 360
What about Lisp that appeals now and then to Dan
Brian Smith
Carl Hewitt
Eugene Charniak
Gerald Sussman
Scheme Report (1975)
Higher Order Functions
Coda language
Bob Filman
William Byrd
Simplicity as the over arching model
Dan’s 60th Birthday Celebration
Chung-chieh Shan
The Reasoned Schemer
Richard Salter
Implementing languages from scratch in a couple of evenings
Dick Kieburtz
Power of macros in Lisp
Matthias Felleisen
Building an Operating System in a week
Jason Hemann
Advice and tips for teaching
Convince students in first two lectures they will be changed
2 or 3 cases max when dealing with recursion
Ackermann function
Carl Eastlund
The Little Prover
David Christiansen
“Little Book” in the works on dependent types
Pie language

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