Functional Geekery Episode 31 – David Chambers

In this episode I talk with David Chambers. We talk about bringing Functional Programming deeper into JavaScript and leaving the attempt at Object Oriented JavaScript behind.

Our Guest, David Chambers

@davidchambers on Twitter
davidchambers on Github


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About David
How David got into in Functional Programming
Thinking of UI updates as a result of a function call
Atlassian and Bitbucket
Approaching Programming in the way on would simplify an algebraic expression
“JavaScript has insane notions of equality” for comparison
Ramda on GitHub
“Ramda functions curry by default” and why that is useful
“The last argument to a function should be the thing that is most likely to change”
Ramda and usage of JavaScript Types
Erik Meijer Functional Programming series on Channel9
Programming Languages Coursera course
Learn You a Haskell
Bringing Functional Programming style in JavaScript to co-workers
Importance of thinking about how to sell “new” ideas to teammates and need for context
“How am I going to empathize with my teammates?”
Moving away from Object Oriented thinking in JavaScript
Including a type signature when writing functions in Haskell style notation
How moving to Functional JavaScript has impacted testing
Creating a Functional Pipeline
Using the Either type to track validation failures
“JavaScript uses objects for two things”, dictionaries and structs
Being able to make assumptions about what is in a valid structure
Railway-Oriented Programming talk by Scott Wlaschin
Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman
Ramda Gitter room
Sanctuary Gitter room

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