Functional Geekery Episode 40 – David Nolen

In this episode I talk with David Nolen. We talk his background in Functional Programming, entry into Lisps and Clojure, ClojureScript, Om and Om Next, and the ideas Om next is taking from React, GraphQL, and Falcor.

Our Guest, David Nolen

David is @swannodette on Twitter


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About David Nolen
How David got into Functional Programming and Lisps
The C Programming Language
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
“Just downloaded a Jar and it worked”
History of ClojureScript
ClojureScript self compiles
Code sharing and Reader Conditionals
“There is not a distinction between front-end and back-end people”
Alignment between JVM and JavaScript environment for Clojure and ClojureScript semantics
Clojure doesn’t have any specification […] it embraces the host semantics”
Communicating Sequential Processes
The future of ClojureScript
“We are pretty much lock step with Clojure”
Macros in ClojureScript vs Clojure and impact on code sharing
State is a fundamental problems in UIs
New direction with Om Next and the deeper understanding
“All about being incremental”
Om Next
Om Next presentation at ClojureConj 2015
Advantages of GraphQL and Falcor style of requesting data
Batching in a way that what you get from the server is immediately renderable
Caching of data and requests in Om Next
Tradeoffs of GraphQL and Falcor style of requesting data in Om Next
iOS and Android running Om Next
Kitchen Table Coders
@ktcoders on Twitter
Demand Driven Architecture talk from David Nolen and Kovas Boguta
Om Next presentation at EuroClojure 2015
CRAFT in Budapest
On IRC – #clojurescript on
#clojurescript on clojurians Slack (invite link)

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