Functional Geekery Episode 104 – Debasish Ghosh

In this episode I talk with Debasish Ghosh. We talk his introduction to Scala, domain modeling, lawful abstractions, extracting algebraic patterns from a code base, and more.

Our Guest, Debasish Ghosh
@debasishg on Twitter

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Topics [@5:12]

About Debasish
Setting the stage for discovering Scala
Unification of object-oriented and functional paradigms
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
Scala bringing a statically typed language with higher-order functions
IntelliJ IDEA
Generating getters and setters as the way you do enterprise development
Setting the stage for domain modeling
Domain Driven Design by Eric Evans
Bounded Context
“Domain model is possibly the most important artifact in the life-cycle of a project”
DSLs in Action
Why Functional Programming Matters by John Hughes
Functional Modules and how they relate to Bounded Contexts
First reaction Scala
Starting in Scala by writing tests
Design Patterns in Dynamic Programming presentation by Peter Norvig
Bridge and Strategy patterns as higher-order functions
First encounter with Scalaz
Algebraic Design
Monoid as a design pattern in functional programming
“Use the least powerful abstraction that applies to your use case”
How algebraic types work in Scala
Money as a Monoid
Importance of Lawful Abstractions
Domain models, Algebraic laws and Unit tests
Mining your codebase for Algebraic patterns
Refining abstractions to less powerful abstractions after initial identification
References to where to understand the different algebraic types
Functional Programming in Scala
Functional and Reactive Domain Modeling
Rúnar’s Episode of Functional Geekery
Haskell productivity pyramid
Functional and Reactive Domain Modeling
Functional Conf
India Erlang & Elixir Factory lite
Scala eXchange 2017

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