Functional Geekery Episode 94 – Evan Hubinger

In this episode I talk with Evan Hubinger. We talk his introduction to programming, creating the Coconut language, building Coconut as additive to Python 3, what makes a good language, and much, much more.

Our Guest, Evan Hubinger

@evhub on Github
Coconut on Github

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Topics [@4:32]

About Evan
Harvey Mudd College
How Even first was exposed to programming
How Even first was exposed to functional programming
Being exposed to Haskell in High School
Reasonability of functional programs
Foundations from Python to learning Haskell
View of functional programming languages in college with previous exposure
What the Harvey Mudd professors get right teaching functional programming
“You don’t need to go wholesale to functional programming”
What set the stage for the idea to write a language
First pass at writing a programming language on Python
What helped inform lessons learned from first attempt at writing a language
“You have to write a compiler, not an interpreter”
Importance of readability of a language
Realizing the importance of building additive to Python 3
What makes a good language
“Code gets read more frequently than it gets written”
“We are going to do what Python did for imperative programming”
Readability vs Familiarity
Compiling from Coconut to Universal Python
Inter-operability between Coconut and any Python code
Supporting Tail Call Optimization
Immutability in Coconut
Inter-operability with math libraries
Pipeline operator in Coconut
Parsing and compilation
Undebt: How We Refactored 3 Million Lines of Code
Maturity level of Coconut
Introducing type checking to Coconut
Overview of the state of type checking in Python with mypy
Future things to look for in Coconut
PyCon 2017
undebt, refactoring in Python
Coconut on Github
Coconut tutorial
Coconut Documentation
Coconut Gitter chat

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