Functional Geekery Episode 130 – Ivan Čukić

In this episode I talk with Ivan Čukić. We talk his introduction to functional programming, adopting Scala, his book “Functional Programming in C++”, the C++ communities adoption of functional programming, and much more.

Our Guest, Ivan Čukić

@ivan_cukic on Twitter
Functional Programming in C++
Ivan’s Projects

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Topics [@1:40]

About Ivan
Functional Programming in C++
How Ivan was first exposed to Functional Programming
Being taught LISP
Working in Java
Being a big event when Java introduced forEach
“Multi-threaded and shorter to write”
Seeing annotations of a Java program on what would be equivalent in Haskell
Haskell as the background noise in his life
Picking Scala when going back to the JVM
Adopting Scala
Transitioning from a “better Java” to a “worse Haskell”
Akka and influence to any OOP style that might have still existed
Ranges library
What it means to be a Functional Programming Language
“C++ has always been a functional language”
Eric Normand’s Clojure Mid-Cities User Group presentation
Timing of the C++ community’s evolution to functional programming with Ivan’s use of functional C++
Giving a talk about asynchronous programming with Monads
Sean Parent – C++ Seasoning
Deciding to write a book on functional programming in C++
The target audience of Functional Programming in C++
“I don’t see what functional programming in here, it’s just common sense”
Strengths of C++ with functional programming
Lambdas in C++
Having control over everything
Simulating Linear Types in C++ easily vs needing compiler support in Haskell
Where the sane defaults in C++ fit with Functional Programming
immer library for immutable data structures
Topics in the book for people not familiar with C++
“Like all Monad tutorials I claim that mine works and none of the others do”
IO Monad being useless in C++
Ivan’s view of Rust as a C++ Developer
“All the serious projects use the unsafe features of the language”
What Ivan would love to see the C++ community adopt
What is exciting Ivan currently
Bitmap Vector Trie or Ideal Hash Trees
General Recommendations
“Stay Safe”
“Investigate the beautiful world of open source and free software”

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