Episode 7 – Angela Harms and Jason Felice on avi

In this episode I talk with Angela Harms and Jason Felice about avi. We talk about the motivation of a vi implementation written in Clojure, the road map of where avi might used, and expressivity of code.

Our Guests, Angela Harms and Jason Felice

Angela Harms: @angelaharms on Twitter and [email protected]
Jason Felice: @eraserhd on Twitter and [email protected]
avi on Github


Angela’s guest appearance on RubyRogues podcast
How Jason and Angela got into Clojure
Podcast with creator of VsVim
Why pick Clojure to write avi in
Greenspun’s Tenth rule but for vi plugins
Where the vision of avi is going
Do not defeat a Vimmer’s muscle memory
How Immutable state is helping
What might make a MVP for avi
Midje and testing framework style
Expressivity of the avi’s tests
The example tests on github
Angela and Jason’s obsessiveness on expressivity and Clojure’s impact on it
Issues and discussion about avi on github are much appreciated

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