Functional Geekery Episode 91 – Jay McCarthy

In this episode I talk with Jay McCarthy. We talk his intro to software, functional programming, Racket, relation between the Unix Philosophy and functional programming, more Racket, continuations, verified programming, and much, much more.

Our Guest, Jay McCarthy

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Topics [@7:49]

About Jay
What got Jay interested in Software
Continuation Based Web Server in Perl
What got Jay into Functional Programming
Paul Graham on Continuations in On Lisp
“Let’s change the language to make it easy to provide that property”
Garbage Collection
Revenge of the Son of The Lisp Machine
The 3 Stages of Understanding Functional Programming
The relation of The Unix Philosophy to Functional Programming
Working between the Managed part of your program with the unmanaged part of your program
Working between the Typed part of your program with the Un-Typed part of your program
#lang in Racket
Racket as a virtual machine
How Jay moved to being part of Racket management
Racket Web Server
Shriram Krishnamurthi
PLT group and Racket
Matthias Felleisen
What are continuations
“It’s the remainder of work to be done”
The Stack as a Continuation
“[Their stack trace] tells them where their data is going”
Stateless HTTP Protocol as a Continuation in the Action of your form
Asynchronous Callbacks in JavaScript as Continuations
Continuations as a value in Racket
Serialization of Continuations in Racket
Temporal Contracts
Temporal Contracts being similar to Session Types
Racket Remix
Racket Module system vs Units
“Go back a little bit to the drawing board and do new things”
“Functional Programming languages in general try to remove the special parts of the language”
Brackets and Braces in Racket
Jay’s RacketCon 2016 presentation
Racket as a full fledged programming language
Beautiful Racket by Matthew Butterick
Integrating Verified Programming with Dynamic Languages
The Halting Problem
Gödel Incompleteness Theorem
Verified Kernels of your software
Typed Racket
“Many different kinds of guarantees that can be provided”
New England Programming Languages and Systems Symposium
The Inside Racket Seminar

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