Functional Geekery Episode 08 – Jessica Kerr

In this episode I talk with Jessica Kerr. In this episode we talk bringing functional programming concepts to object oriented languages; her experience in Scala, using the actor model, and property testing; and much more!

Our Guest, Jessica Kerr
@jessitron on Twitter and [email protected]


Jessica’s ├śreDev Talk
Jessica’s Ruby Midwest Talk
Bring Just Enough of the Ideas from Functional Programming Back to Java and C#
Use Static/Class Level Methods to Make Needed Data Explicit
Designate Methods That Modify State When Working in Object Oriented Languages
Isolation as the Dual/Reverse to Encapsulation
Guava library for Working in Java
Readable Code vs Familiar Code
Use Code Reviews to Spread Practices
Scala as a Hybrid Language and the Blessings and Curses Therein
Reasons One Might Choose Scala
Akka Concurrency by Derek Wyatt
The Actor Model
Testing with Scala
Introducing a Functional Language by Writing Tests in that Language
Property Based Testing
ScalaCheck: The Definitive Guide
Commonalities Between Git and Functional Concepts
Directed Acyclic Graphs
Importance of Immutable Data in Functional Programming
Using a Functional Language to do Spikes to Solidify Ideas
Kansas City Developer Conference
Jessica’s Upcoming Appearances
GOTO Chicago
QCon New York 2014
GOTO Amsterdam 2014
ScalaDays 2014
Scala Puzzlers
Ribbon Farm

A giant Thank You to David Belcher for the logo design.

Update: May 6th 2014
Added link to Scala Puzzlers.
Also, Jessica has informed me that she had to cancel her appearance at ScalaDays.