Functional Geekery Episode 27 – Joe Barnes

In this episode I talk with Joe Barnes about Scala. We talk about coming into Functional Programming, Scalaz, Akka, Scala Conferences, Lift, and his musings about what the future of web development might look like.

Our Guest, Joe Barnes

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About Joe Barnes
How Joe came into Scala
Martin Odersky’s Functional Programming Principles in Scala
“Everything is an expression”
Desire for immutability in Java
Case Classes in Scala
Extensible Pattern Matching in Scala
unapply function
Transition from Java to Scala
Migration to Scala from Java
Experience with the different styles of Scala
Bringing Scala in to a team
Including Scala into projects
Scala on different versions of the JVM
Scala on Java8
The JVM is Nominally Typed
JVM ClassLoader
Actor Model
Joe’s “breakup” with Akka
Joe’s rundown of Akka the Good Parts
Principles of Reactive Programming
Joe’s Conference circuit
Scala By The Bay
Joe’s blog series on Types
Joe’s presentations/articles in No Fluff Just Stuff
“Where are things headed in the web development world?”
“There’s too much client side rendering” and thinking about other parts of the world
Lift Scala web framework
“I love talking about software”
Episode 8 with Jessica Care

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