Episode 135 – Jordan Miller

In this episode I talk with Jordan Miller. We talk her breaking into to software development, activity in the Clojure community, redefining open source contributions, mentoring, and much more.

Our Guest, Jordan Miller.

Jordan Miller


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Topics [@2:58]

Welcome Jordan
Clojurians Slack
Jordan on the Cognicast
About Jordan
Starting on WordPress
Learning Lambda Calculus as an introduction to programming
Clojure Conj
Building a WordPress site for a restaurant website
Using Dog Tags to visualize linked lists
Falling in love with the Clojure Community
Sean Corfield
Learning Scheme
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
5 different ways to show a function
Starting with immutable data
Why so many senior devs seem to come to Clojure
MIT Open Courseware
Original Sussman and Ableson Lectures
Dr. Ana Bell
What about Clojure that put it on her radar
Dave Beasley
Jordan’s experience in Python
Coursera courses
“I struggled with for loops because I learned recursion first”
Having your personal webpage
Diving right into ClojureScript for first job
Self teaching and breaking into software development with a full-time job
Daniel Higginbotham
Mike Fikes
David Nolen
React Native
How Jordan started her media presence
“I am a performer by nature”
“WTF is Clojure?” video on YouTube
Being a Sponsored open Source developer
Bring the flavor of your
Encourage people to redefine what an open source contribution is
What prompted her podcast
Emergent Works
Her mentee Jordan Jay on Github Website
Next Chapter
Alex Miller
“I’ll Fire Spin for a free ticket”
Jordan’s LinkTree

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