Functional Geekery Episode 17 – José Valim

In this episode I talk with José Valim. We cover what prompted him to create a new language, design decisions in Elixir, what is needed for a 1.0 release, and much, much more.

Our Guest, José Valim

@josevalim on Twitter
@elixirlang on Twitter


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Why Elixir
Making Rails Thread-safe
The Free Lunch is Over
“I want the next thing I write to be running on this [Erlang] Virtual Machine”
Things missing from Erlang
Inspirations and Influences for Elixir
The focus on being a very welcoming place
Protocols from Clojure for polymorphism
nil from The Joy of Clojure
The Forming of the Community around Elixir
Introducing Elixir by Simon St. Laurent
Programming Elixir by Dave Thomas
Feedback from the Community
1.0 as A Solid Foundation for the Language
Elixir kernel
EEx – embedded Elixir
Logger – Format error messages nicely for Elixir
Lager from Basho
Package Management
Hex by Eric Meadows-Jönsson
Integration story between Erlang and Elixir
Starting over on Elixir
Separated “What I wanted from how I wanted it”
Getting to a very small core and build everything around it using macros
Exercise in Patience and taking time to thing about solutions
How Macros Work in Elixir
A Week with Elixir by Joe Armstrong
Ability to support version tagging Elixir code
Robert Virding in #elixir-lang on IRC
Issues shared between Elixir and Erlang
Requirement of all functions need to be defined in a module for code reloading
Ability for Hot Code Loading in Elixir
Extending OTP Behaviors in Elixir
Agents and Tasks for breaking apart a gen_server in Elixir
Agents are about state and Tasks about behavior
Thinking of gen_event as a stream of transformations
Time for the Community and Ecosystem to Grow
Elixir Sips
ElixirConf and talks recorded by Confreaks
ElixirConf in Europe
StrangeLoop Conference and videos
elixir-lang-talk and elixir-lang-core mailing lists

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