Functional Geekery Episode 88 – Justin Woo

In this episode I talk with Justin Woo. We talk his introduction to functional programming; the transition from ClojureScript to Elm to PureScript for side projects; the appeal of PureScript; evangelizing PureScript and more.

Our Guest, Justin Woo

@jusrin00 on Twitter
justinwoo on Github
Justin’s blog entries on Qiita


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Topics [@6:50]

About Justin
What got Justin into software development
What prompted Justin to start looking into functional programming
Reactive Programming and Elm
Moving from learning ClojureScript to Elm
“It was the first time I could write down types and start modelling my problem”
Higher Kinded Types in Elm
Hardy Jones
How Justin got exposed to PureScript
Making the move from Elm to PureScript
The problem for Justin with teaching functional concepts in JavaScript
What about PureScript appeals to Justin
“The various degrees of buy in you can have” makes PureScript appealing
The appeal of Mechanical Correctness in PureScript
Getting started with PureScript
Type holes
Type hole example on Twitter
What Justin has found that appeals to others about PureScript
How PureScript has affected his day-to-day work in JavaScript
“Be More Boring” in JavaScript
Immutable JS
Generics in PureScript overview
Complete listing of Justin’s videos on
Automatically de/serialize JSON with Purescript-Foreign-Generics
Use Sets with Ord Typeclass instances
Model problems using Algebraic Data Types (ADTs)
Html Parser
Justin’s presentations on Speaker Deck
Cycle Conf

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