Functional Geekery Episode 44 – Michael Craig

In this episode I talk with Michael Craig. We talk his introduction to Haskell, doing Haskell on the side and it’s impact on his Ruby and Java, using Haskell in production, getting new people up to speed with Haskell, and more.

Our Guest, Michael Craig

@mkscrg on Twitter
Wagon blog


ElixirDaze will be taking place March 4th in St. Augustine, Florida. ElixirDaze is a one day conference with a nearly full day of talks and a Helping Hack session to close it out. Visit to find out more.

Erlang Factory San Fransisco will be taking place on the 10th and 11th of March, with training on the 7th through the 9th of March and the 14th through the 16th of March. The Call for Talks is now open through December 15th, and the Very Early Bird registration is open as well.

LambdaConf will be taking place May 26th – 29th in Boulder, Colorado. Keep an eye on to find out more.

PolyConf 2016 will be taking place on June 30th – July 2nd. The Call For Proposals is now open, and will be taking submissions through the 13th of March. Visit to keep updated with news as more details become available, and to submit your talk proposal.

If you have a conference related to functional programming, contact me, and I will be happy to announce it.


About Michael
Michael’s introduction to Haskell
Michael’s introduction to functional programming in Lisp before Haskell
“Functional programming in the small”
Balance between working in Haskell vs Ruby or Java
Trade-off between working in dynamic and static languages
How Haskell influenced daily work in Java and Ruby
Working on Wagon in Haskell
30,000 foot view of server and client
How Wagon’s Haskell web app is structured
Handler Monad using a monad transformer to structure a web app
“Real world Haskell”
Deploying an application in Haskell
Amazon’s Elastic Beanstalk
Wagon’s functional style of JavaScript
Underscore and Lodash
React and Redux
Limiting side effects in JavaScript
Bringing people up to speed in Haskell
Learn You a Haskell for Great Good
What I Wish I knew When Learning Haskell by Stephen Diehl
Running client side Haskell and cross-platform support
Structuring Haskell and JavaScript in an Electron app
Wagon blog
Jobs at Wagon in San Fransisco
Bay Area Haskell Users Group
Reexamine you assumption about Haskell not being useful for real world apps

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