Functional Geekery Episode 81 – Ody Mbegbu

In this episode I talk with Ody Mbegbu. We talk his exposure to functional programming, F#, Akka.NET, appeal of immutable databases, and more.

Our Guest, Ody Mbegbu

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Topics [@4:27]

About Ody
JavaScript as first expose to functional programming
Yan Cui on .NET Rocks!
Yan Cui on Episode 63
Rachel Reese
Don Syme
Joe Albahari – Programming With Purity
What “clicked” about functional programming after watching Joe Albahari’s presentation
Unknowingly implementing a monad to deal with errors
Scott Wlashcin’s series on Computation Expressions
Starting to look into Haskell
Haskell Tutorial: Learn Haskell in One Video
Picking up F#
Scott Nimrod’s video with Ody
Why your F# evangelism isn’t working
“Use all the tools you are using now. Your skills are not wasted.”
What helped sell F# to co-workers
Domain Specific Languages in F#
Using Akka.NET and F# together
Application as the source of truth
Immutable databases
“How come we have tools like source control where we never lose code, but we can lose data?”
Event Sourcing
Local community and interest with F#
.NET Core
Hope that .NET Core can help increase F# adoption

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