Functional Geekery Episode 26 – Phil Freeman

In this episode I talk with Phil Freeman on PureScript. We cover his reason for creating PureScript, how it differs between other languages that compile to JavaScript, PureScript Conf 2015, the future of PureScript, and different ways to get started with PureScript.

Our Guest, Phil Freeman

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About Phil Freeman
Need for Sum Types and Types around Strings
First version released around end of 2013
Sum Types vs Product Types
PureScript compilation going directly to JavaScript
JavaScript interop and FFI (Foreign Function Interface)
“PureScript is a better CoffeeScript, not a Haskell for the web”
Differences from Haskell
Halogen library
Functional Reactive Programming
Brian McKenna
PureScript Conf 2015
QuickCheck port for PureScript
Getting started with PureScript
PureScript by Example
Project Suggestions page on PureScript wiki
PureScript Contrib organization on Github
Near term future of PureScript
Improve error messages in PureScript
Improve compiler speed
Google Summer of Code and PureScript
Exhaustiveness Checker for PureScript
Allow to target multiple platforms for backend
Schedule for looking to release milestones
Looking for improving the editor support
Pulp by Bodil Stokke
#purescript on IRC
PureScript Google Group
Brian McKenna’s talk at CUFP

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