Functional Geekery Episode 39 – Philip Wadler

In this episode I talk with Professor Philip Wadler. We talk the correspondence between mathematics and computation, his research into concurrent distributed systems, and other research in the area with ABCD and BETTY.

Our Guest, Professor Philip Wadler

Professor Wadler is @philipwadler on Twitter


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About Philip Wadler
Wadler on Computability at The Stand
Took a course in Lisp from John McCarthy at Standford
“How can you know you are doing the right thing?”
Formal proofs vs empirical studies
Eugenio Moggi and Gordon Plotkin and Denotational Semantics
“If you write things in italic font instead of teletype font, all of a sudden people think ‘That’s too difficult, I can’t do that'”
“Mathematics is general approach to reasoning”
Propositions at Types
Linear Logic and concurrent distributed systems
“There were things that were done for completely independent reasons that are useful to computing”
Current world view of his research
Process Calculi
CCS by Robin Milner
CSP by Tony Hoare
Pi Calculus by Robin Milner
Kohei Honda
Correspondence between Session Types and Linear Logic
Multi-Party Session Types
Nobuko Yoshida
Marco Carbone
Fabrizio Montesi
Carsten Schürmann
Where can people find out more information and resources
ABCD – A Basis for Concurrency and Distribution
Professor Wadler’s Homepage
Lambda Calculus
Philip Wadler waving his Fuzzy Stuffed Lambda
Waving Fuzzy Lambda
Philip Wadler and Daugter with Fuzzy Lambda
“If you can cope with JavaScript or with many of the other systems that are out there you have the skills to cope with the mathematics that is out there.”
Introduction to Functional Programming
“Have a weird name”

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