Functional Geekery Episode 116 – Radu Popescu

In this episode I talk with Radu Popescu. We talk his introduction to software development, high performance C++, where functional ideas fit in with high performance C++, CernVM File System, Erlang, an overview of where Rust fits between functional languages and C++, and more.

Our Guest, Radu Popescu

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@iradupopescu on Twitter

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Topics [@3:00]

About Radu
CernVM File System
How Radu came into software development
Functional Programming Principles in Scala by Martin Odersky on Coursera
High Performance computing with C++
What standards of C++ Radu was writing against
Lambdas and Higher Order Functions being introduced into C++
How some of the functional ideas fit into high performance C++
C++ Template Language as a purely functional language
CernVM File System
Linux FUSE (Filesystem in Userspace)
Terabytes of new software every day at CERN
Content Addressed Storage
Field-programmable Gate Array
Using Erlang for a publication system
Moving from Command Line based to Server based
“Let it Crash” approach in Erlang
What the Erlang based Repository Gateway solves
The different roles the Repository Gateway fulfills
Key takeaways from using Erlang for the Repository Gateway
C++ Inter-op story
Statically-typed C++ versus Dynamic Erlang
Functional Composition and Immutable Values for ease of debugging
Erlang QuickCheck
John Hughes
Where Rust fits in between C++ and the functional family of languages
Algebraic Data Types
Why one might pick Rust over Haskell, OCaml, or other similar languages
Wrapping C libraries with Rust, and wrapping Rust libraries with C
Radu’s Talk page at CodeMesh
CernVM Documentation
CernVM 10th Anniversary Workshop

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